iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch devices and all the i-Technology products has given us a special sense and feeling in every aspect of our lives especially when you ask your iPhone about the weather, watch the newest movie in theatres in your iPad and listen to your favorite songs while jogging one morning! Even now an iTV might be near our doorsteps and will probably bring us a technology with a different language to our ears and minds.

This all sounds too good, yet, the human being doesn’t seem to chill out and stop thinking and dreaming. If we don’t dream about the future we sure get back with our minds and hearts with nostalgia to the past and the old used devices and electronics like Sega for instance. That’s exactly what happens to gamers and young teenagers who lived the time of Playstation games and the challenge of the soccer game FIFA 2000 while playing against their friends and colleagues, or even strange people over the internet.

Nostalgia does hit us all and if our minds don’t remember the old things which is now more like a mirage, our hearts does feel the warmth of the old days when we see an old game or an outdated electronic device. Actually, this fact is well understood by Apple people and developers as well. Just like how Apple thinks and acts towards the future, it’s no harm at all to get us our memories back to the old Playstation games by bringing these games into our ride to the future of technology. Since jailbreak developers try to add all there’s to add to the customer’s appeal, Cydia adds a new way to enjoy your iPhone or iPod Touch in which you can install and play any Playstation game by having PSX4all.

Indeed, you’re interested to know how PSX4all works and how you can install it on your iPhone/iPod touch to play your old Playstation games on your modern iDevice. We’ve got everything ready and set for you to just follow these below steps and enjoy living in nostalgia