New Dangerous Security Issue Discovered In The iOS Firmware

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Just like we love jailbreak developers, unlock geniuses and iPhone hackers, we still hate how some hackers use their brains into hacking our private information and personal identity or simply going through them. In fact, Apple’s main reason to add limitations, restrictions and firewalls into all of Apple’s products in the face of hackers, other than the fact that Apple is doing its very best to stop developers from accessing Apple’s systems, is to keep the iUser’s private data safe and away from the fingers of hackers who only aim to break Apple’s system to go through our personal data.

Even though the Congress keeps issuing urgent notes to the Fruit Company and all other electronic companies urging them to increase the security levels on their products and to block all the exploits available free for hackers to pass through and into their systems. Just like how Apple has informed and warmed its users to not use their Unique Device Identifier (UDID) which is a series of numbers and letters used by Apple and developers to uniquely identify your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. As a matter of fact, Apple’s warning for users not to use their UDID came right after hackers being able to access iUsers’ private data through their UDID which might compromise your whole info.

Now we come along for you with another warning in the iOS firmware that might have not reached Apple’s or iUsers till now, nonetheless it can compromise your private data and whole life. (According to our friend iTarek from iPhoneIslam) When you first purchase an iDevice, let’s say an iPhone, you register your name as the owner of the device, hence, your name becomes your iPhone’s name. So let’s say that you have registered your device with your name and then, just like pretty much everybody else, added your number in your contact’s list with your name as a contact so that you make sure you don’t forget it. As much as it seems simple and harmless, this might turn out to be just a gift from you and into hackers’ laps because all they’ll have to do is just get inside your iPhone using a normal application, access your contact’s list, get your number since they already can know your device’s registered name and so on they can get through and get all the info they can analyze from your iPhone.

Remember that if you have Siri, the speaking assistant, you’ll have to be extra cautious since in order for Siri to help you. For instance, if you’re looking for Adam’s birthday and you asked her to get it for you, she might ask you:”What’s Adam’s number?” and as soon as you enter your friend’s/relatives number, it gets saved in Siri’s database, thus, another baseline for hackers to go with!

January 19, 2017

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