First iPhone 5 Rumor Includes An Increased Display Size Of 4.6 Inches!

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Today we’ll start our new rumors round with the first iPhone 5 rumor regarding its features, shape, size, technology and everything about the iPhone 5! Although today’s rumor has been spread out by the Reuters, it’s still a rumor and neither we nor the Reuters are certain of anything that Apple has in mind for the iPhone 5, or let’s say, that new iPhone which we don’t know its name yet!

Honestly speaking, the previous iPad 3, or better call it the “The New iPad”, has taught us some really good lessons in how to interact, believe and use rumors in the best way. Especially the fact that rumors are not always safe and true! Last time, we felt like being betrayed by Apple when, in the least, they did not call their new tablet neither the “iPad 3” nor the “iPad HD” and we were stunned with the new unlikely naming for the iPad 3 to be the “New iPad”, of course that’s among some other rumors we thought Apple will integrate in the new tablet and it turned out to be just a plain hoax.

As a result, we don’t intend to be hit twice by the same driver in the iPhone 5 rumors and we’ll hopefully get to the bottom of these rumors before the iPhone 5 announcement strikes us with different news. The first iPhone 5 rumor decided to start with the iPhone 5 shape and more specifically, screen size. Before we go on with the Reuters report that claimed to know the size of the iPhone 5’s screen, let’s first give you a hint of what has been going on with the previous iPhones’ screen sizes and iUsers opinions and wishes.

If we head back to the iPhone 4S with its 3.5 inch screen size, it should be safe to suggest that Apple has got two options, either to keep the 3.5 inch screen size or to increase the iPhone 5 screen size with a couple of more inches just like the new Galaxy Nexus which possess a screen of 4.65 inches size. Due to the fact that Apple usually likes to please its iUsers, adding to that is the fact that since the release of the iPhone 4, iUsers has been wishing a bigger screen for the next iPhone

January 19, 2017

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