I0n1c jailbreaks the New iPad Untethered

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Things in the jailbreak community are changing by the second! It seems as though developers are competing with one another as who will win the cup with jailbreaking the latest generation iPad. Well competition is always healthy and we, as jailbreakers, are definitely benefiting.

The Dev team managed to jailbreak the new iPad in just a few hours from its release in the market. The news was perceived with great admiration and acknowledgement to the developers’ hard work and efforts.

Just a while ago we found out even more exciting news. Stefen Esser, known in the jailbreak community as i0n1c, has managed to jailbreak Apple’s latest tablet untethered! Just yesterday, Stefen was assuring people that he will be able to crack the code and jailbreak the new iPad even though at that time he hadn’t received his device yet. It looks like Stefen kept his word and managed to jailbreak his third generation iPad in less than 24 hours of its release in the market!

January 19, 2017

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