iPhone Tips and Tricks #3 Notification Center Part 1

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How to use Notification Center is our topic today continuing our iPhone tips and tricks serial. In iOS 4 and all the firmwares below it the notifications just came in front of you in the screen no matter what you were doing; if you were playing a game and trying to break your old high score or achieve one of the first 10 positions on the world, it is extremely agitating and I myself experienced really annoying moments when playing a game which has no automatic pause when interrupted. Thanks to iOS 5, now we have a splendid feature called Notification Center which assembles all the notifications in one place to be accessed easily and to be organized.

Previously, before iOS 5 was released, the iPhone’s lock screen used to display only one notification and if you got any other notification; a mail, a missed call, a game center request, it overwrites notification before. Thus, people were really confused. However, now one of the most considerable changes in iOS 5 is the push notifications on the lock screen. You no longer have to be confused. Now, in iOS 5, all the notifications in the lock screen are assembled in a list allowing you to see all your new push notifications no matter how much notifications you receive since you can scroll downwards to reveal the other notifications. What makes it even more beneficial is that you can slide your finger from left to right to unlock the device and take you right in the application or game the notification came from.

As I stated before, the notifications before used to interrupt you while doing something important. The new notification center just respects what you do no matter what you’re doing; having a phone call, playing a game, listening to a song…etc. Now, when you receive a notification a simple thought elegant animation will appear from the top of your screen instead of the old annoying popping notification dialogue. If this notification is important to you, you can tap it to redirect you to the app it came from and you could also ignore it and it will fade away not making any interruption to whatever you were doing.

To get access to your ignored notifications or the history of your unread notifications, simply swipe from the top of the screen downwards to show the Notification Center. This will bring down a new screen to reveal all your unread notifications, requests, unread mails, missed calls and even more. You can scroll through the notifications by swiping upwards and downwards as you do in a normal application. If you want to access or read something in the application were the notification came from, simply tap on it. If you do so, again you will be directed to the application were the notification came from and that notification will disappear from the Notification Center. What if you don’t want this notification to be shown or it takes a lot of space and make the Notification Center crowded? To clear a notification, you will find an “x” next to each application notification, simply tap on that “x” and a new button will appear saying “Clear” tap on it and it will be cleared from the Notification Center. Note: This will just clear it from the Notification Center but the notification will still be there and you will see a badge on the app stating the number of notifications you have got in that app.

January 19, 2017

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