Download Skype 3.8 For A New Graphical Experience With The New iPad’s Retina Display

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Skype has invaded our PC and Mac in the past few years in a most notable way, actually, not only our PC/Mac that Skype has found a way through but also our whole lives especially when Skype versions were integrated in Android and Apple technology like iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android phones and tablets.

However, Skype people do break some amazing records in reaching the audience and creating such a magical product for all users to like, share and wait eagerly for. What makes this fact most true is that Skype’s developers always make sure to keep their Skype updated with every product released newly to the market. That’s exactly why today we’re announcing that Skype has released an updated version of Skype for the iPad to meet the new specifications added to the new iPad, more precisely, its Retina Display.

Skype 3.8 for iPad is now updated to the most new iPad technology, specifically, its graphics that meets the new Retina Display features. With all the previously Skype features, Skype 3.8 for iPad comes with a new graphical experience and a series of amazing features for the please of Skype users.

Download Skype 3.8 for free from App Store and get the newly Skype touch for your device and don’t forget that in order for you to live with Skype in the wonderworld of technology you have to upgrade to an iOS 5.0 or higher firmware.

January 19, 2017

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