Apple Dodged An iOS 5.1 Major Bullet Release In Today’s iPad 3 Event

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Download iOS 5.1 IPSW Firmware for iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS, iPad 1, 2, 3, iPod Touch 3G, 4G. Mark this date, Wednesday 7th of March as when Apple finally released the iOS 5.1 and signed it into the market for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch after such a long time of speculations, rumors and gossips from which we were not able to identify any solid feature coming up with the new iOS 5.1.

We might have had some info, or word in the street about the iOS 5.1 version, but putting all these pieces together to create a picture, the exact same picture that Apple had in mind for the new iOS version, that was such a Herculean job, I’d say.

Yet, in only 15 minutes, perhaps even less, this months’ work, which was full of goose bumps and nail-biting and with no result that rings a bell, was spilled out by Apple in Today’s San Francisco event that was supposedly hosted for the release of iPad 3 only. However, Apple decided to throw the bomb of the new iOS 5.1 version into our faces and declare its release right after they announced the iPad 3

Of course this made us way more delighted and excited to turn on steam with our pens and notes and write down each and every single/tiny detail spilled out from Apple’s representative’s lips about the new iOS 5.1. The dream came true today and we’ve got it all written up and here we are blogging it for you. Let’s start with the iOS 5.1 features.

In the iOS 5.1 version, Apple worked a little bit more on Siri, the speaking assistant, especially after the huge reputation the speaking assistant Siri gained in the past few months after its first release in iPhone 4S. Now Siri also speaks perfect Japanese among its multiple languages which gives us the impression that it took Apple sometime to teach Siri this new language to add it to its list. One more thing, Apple modified Siri to be able to take pictures and start a video recording where now you can hold your iDevice and ask Siri to capture a photo for you or just start a video! That’s not all, with iOS 5.1, Siri gained the ability to enable/disable your iDevice’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi upon your command. Last but not least, you can add to the list of new features, Siri dictation as well!


If you’re wondering how you can make use of your iDevice’s LockScreen even more, iOS 5.1 version has just paid a visit to your mind and came out with this idea and added to your iDevice the ability to access your camera from your iDevice’s LockScreen, quick and easy!. So you won’t just slide-to-unlock, we’ll add to that a slide-to-unlock-and-shoot-your-photo!


If these features are not doing for you, let me tell you that I did not start yet and let me just give you some keywords to hint about the rest, and amazingly, not all of the features. You’ll need to read these keywords and remember that iOS 5.1 version made it all come true: An enhanced Notes app, 3G toggle back to iDevices again, PhotoStream will gain a bit more of options making it indispensible, and Apple did not forget iTunes which will gain iTunes Match over 3G.

January 19, 2017

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